About & Facts

he city of Prichard was settled in the early 1800’s and is named for Cleveland Mason Prichard, a prominent entrepreneur, who ran numerous businesses. Prichard is composed of five distinct communities, WHISTLER, located in the northeast section of the city, KUSHLA, the most northern section, EIGHT MILE, the central section, BULLSHEAD, the southwest section and OLD PRICHARD located in southeast Prichard.


Located in the southeast section of the city, OLD PRICHARD is regaining the luster it once had when it was the hub of all major activities in Prichard. Businesses and individuals the had flocked to the suburb during the construction of the malls and shopping plazas are now migrating back to OLD PRICHARD. The sudden resurgence of the flight back to this area can be attributed to the determined and positive attitude of the City’s new Mayor, Charles E. Harden and the support of city council members. Their goal— to revitalize the Wilson Avenue business district—has been a key factor in recent increase of business in the area. Another key factor that can be attributed to the growth of this area is the I-165 connector which runs through the city over the business district. The connector has exit ramps that run directly into the Wilson Avenue Business District. Business owners have discovered that shoppers find it convenient to come in the city, shop, and return home.