How polluted London really is?

Pollution is a huge problem in London – a much bigger than you can even think of.
Some research was made and the Kings College London states that air pollution kills around 9,500 on average each year.
It’s so serious that even members of Parliament said that this is a national health emergency.
London reached the legal air pollution limit for the whole year in only a few weeks at the beginning of last year. Overall in the Unitel Kingdom, around 40,000 deaths have been due to air pollution and have caused cancer, strokes, heart diseases, diabetes, and asthma reported the Royal College of Physicians.
London, as we all know, has always had problems with air pollution. In 1952 a huge cloud of smog reduced the visibility and a lot of people were rushed to hospitals. This smog, mixed with the cold weather and the fact that people had cheap coal that generates power in their homes, created huge chaos.
A couple of days later, this smog had killed 4,000 people and more than 8,000 passed away due to complications. Children that survived this disaster, known as the Great Smog, were more likely to develop asthma.
The Parliament then passed the Clean Air Act (1956) – there were areas with smoke control where only smokeless fuels could be burned, power stations were relocated away from cities, and by 1980 everyone thought that this problem is solved but this was far from the truth.
In recent years, the air was becoming a huge problem for everyone living in London again. Of course, this does not kill people that have decided to walk down the streets but it’s still dangerous.
One of the main causes are diesel vehicles – but actually, research shows that all vehicles are a problem. Even the ones that are electric are still polluting the air.
Children, since their lungs are less developed, have a higher risk of developing pneumonia, suppression of lung function, and other lung illnesses.