Using Vinegar To Clean Your Home? Here Are My Top 3 Vinegar Cleaning Hacks!

Cleaning your home is not an easy task which is pretty annoying since we need to do it almost every day. Thankfully, there are a lot of tips and hacks you can follow which will cut down your cleaning time in half. Not only won’t you waste as much time but you will also save a ton of energy.

Recently, I started using vinegar when cleaning my home and I just love it!

Here Are My Top 3 Vinegar Cleaning Hacks!

– Clean Your Toilet With Vinegar

I have seen this hack a few times and I always thought that it won’t work. One day, I decided to give it a try and see if it works. I poured some vinegar in my toilet, making sure to cover the walls then I let it sit for a few minutes. I must admit – the smell was terrible, but I was determined to see whether it works since vinegar is such an inexpensive ingredient. Once a few minutes passed, I grabbed my toilet brush and scrubbed my toilet then I flushed.

Did it work? Yes! I liked this hack so much that I still use it to this day. Vinegar is both an amazing cleaner and an amazing disinfectant!

– Use Vinegar As An All-Purpose Cleaner

I love using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner – it’s effective and cheap. I also know that more and more people are getting on the “use natural ingredients to clean your home” train and that is an amazing thing. Not only will you save money but you will avoid all those harsh chemicals that are in commercial cleaners.

If you have never used vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner then I recommend you give it a try. Simply pour it into a spray bottle and use it. Simple as that!

– Infuse Vinegar With Herbs

If you plan on following my recommendations and using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner I must warn you – the smell is terrible. This, however, did not stop me from using it – it just forced me to find a creative way to deal with it.

I have previously tried to add essential oils in hopes that they will mask the smell of vinegar but it wasn’t that successful. That is when I decided to try out making “infused vinegar”. It’s basically pouring vinegar in a mason jar, adding lemon peels, orange peels, and different herbs then placing the lid on the jar and letting it sit for a week. That way the herbs and fruit peels infuse the vinegar with their smell.

Ever since I tried this I am obsessed and I use it all the time. The scent of vinegar is gone which leaves you with the perfect all-purpose cleaner ever!